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About me

I’m a married, Catholic lady who has too many pets and loves hair makeovers.

I started freelancing during the 2020 pandemic while finishing my Psychology degree. What began as a side job turned into a full-time career.

After graduating, I kept freelancing; and, in 2022, I became an IME (Individual Microentrepreneur) — a Brazilian legal status for solo microenterprises. This move helped me join Rock Content, appear more professional, plan my retirement, and handle billing.

Today, I work as a copywriter for Music AI as well, writing content (in English) for Moises. My work is then translated into Portuguese and other languages.

I also find work on platforms for freelancers, besides working directly with customers who reach out to me.

I was encouraged to read from an early age. As a teenager and moving into young adulthood, one of my hobbies was creative writing. I have several old notebooks filled with stories, rants, poems, and song lyrics.

I am fluent in English — and pretty much self-taught, something that happened naturally during my childhood and teenage years.

When I was about 18, I started making online friends worldwide. Chatting with them in English, in both writing and speaking, helped me gain more fluency. This experience also gave me a taste of many accents and cultures.

I still keep in touch with some of those people, and I hold them dear.


Camila Miranda

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

Ongoing postgraduate studies in

Communications and Marketing


RD Station Marketing – Basic — RD University

Marketing Fundamentals — PbyP School

SEO — Rock University

Copywriting — Rock University

Content Marketing — Rock University

Web Content Creation and Editing — Rock University

⋄ C2 Proficient (English proficiency) — EF SET

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