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Ninja Editing

For translations

Ninja (Ninja Review symbol) near a globe, representing the translation proofreading and editing service.
  • Content translated from Portuguese to English.

  • Content translated from English to Portuguese.

Thorough text editing that covers all sorts of stuff.

For example…

Grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling accuracy matter (a lot)

in any language.

Cross borders smoothly, with no mess-ups.

Stylistic approach

Sometimes, there’s a word that just fits better for what you’re going for or how formal your writing should sound.

How about a new approach?

Comparative analysis

“In nature nothing is created,

nothing is lost, everything is transformed.”

No telephone game here:

If the original message

got lost along the way,

let’s recover it.

Coherence in terminology

Especially in technical and academic writing, using specific terms correctly is super important. Messing this up can cause confusion, and it might even make things look sloppy.

Style consistency

Maintaining a consistent style is a big win in any language! This includes sticking to patterns in verb tenses, level of formality, and even capital letters, among many other things.

Books, ebooks, and online content

Abstract in academic papers

Product and service descriptions

Scientific journal articles

How much do translation proofreading and editing services cost?

For transparency’s sake, here is my baseline for

proofreading and editing quotes applied to translated content

(in Brazilian Reals).

But you don't have to do the math, okay?

Just send the file, and I’ll let you know the price!

Word count and baseline:

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