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Ninja Editing

For academic papers

Ninja (Ninja Editing symbol) with glasses near books, representing the proofreading and editing service for academic papers.

Thorough text editing that covers all sorts of stuff.

For example…

Grammar and spelling

Following the language rules to a tee really

boosts your work!

Cohesion and coherence

Nothing like some well-knit writing that makes perfect sense, right?

Clarity and conciseness

Long-winded or

confusing texts? No way!

Get your point across without beating

around the bush.


The art of rewriting! Tweaking the structure can do wonders for your sentences and paragraphs.


Writing can be fancy and scholarly without being packed with big words.

How about we tweak

the language a little?


A fluid text equals a smooth and effortless read.

Yours can be that way.


Synthesis papers

Scientific journal articles

Final papers

How much does proofreading/editing cost?

For transparency’s sake, here is my baseline for editing quotes

(in Brazilian Reals, for content originally in Portuguese).

But you don't have to do the math, okay?

Just send the file, and I’ll let you know the price!

Word count and baseline:

Note: Service combos are eligible for discounts!


  • Proofreading and editing + formatting;

  • Proofreading and editing + abstract translation.

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