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Drama-Free Formatting

For academic papers and scientific articles

Human sihouette holding a skull, with a forbidden sign on top, representing the Drama-Free Formatting services.


100% based on the official, updated rules.

ABNT Formatting

Initial elements

  • Cover, title page, and approval sheet in accordance with ABNT NBR 14724:2011;

  • Abstract in vernacular language and in a foreign language as set by ABNT NBR 14724:2011 and NBR 6028:2021;

  • Table of contents and lists in the style of NBRs 1474:2011, 6027:2012, and 6034:2004;

  • Dedication, acknowledgements, epigraph, and other optional items aligned with NBR 14724 and other norms that apply.

Main text elements

  • Body text, footnotes, and page numbering in the footprint of ABNT NBR 14724:2011;

  • Titles and progressive numbering of sections according to NBRs 14724:2011 and 6024:2012;

  • Citations as defined by ABNT NBR 10520:2002;

  • Identification and caption for illustrations as set by NBR 14724;

  • Tables according to the IBGE standards, adopted by ABNT.

Final elements

  • References according to the ABNT NBR 6023:2018;

  • Appendices, annexes, and other optional items according to NBR 14724 and other relevant ones.

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APA Formatting

Untitled design (42).png

Adjustments and related Sections of the Publication Manual by APA (7th Edition)

  • Page structure and sequence according to Section 2.17;

  • Header as per Sections 2.18 and 2.8;

  • Font according to Section 2.19;

  • Spacing according to Section 2.21;

  • Margins as per Section 2.22;

  • Alignment as per Section 2.23;

  • Paragraphs as defined in Section 2.24;

  • Titles and labels in accordance with Sections 2.27 and 2.28;

  • Title page as per Sections 2.5 and 2.6;

  • Abstract according to Section 2.9;

  • References as defined by Chapter 9 of the APA Manual.


Synthesis papers

Scientific journal articles

Final papers

How much does proofreading/editing cost?

For transparency’s sake, here is my basis for editing quotes

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Just send the file, and I’ll let you know the price!

Word count and baseline:

Note: Service combos are eligible for discounts!


  • Proofreading and editing + formatting;

  • Proofreading and editing + abstract translation.

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