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My main services are the ones requested the most.

But did you know the skills they require means there’s much else I can do?

If you want to talk about an additional service, feel free to reach out! 

Didn't find what you wew looking for?

Get in touch anyway!

Just explain your demand clearly. If I'm not able to do it, I'll say so (and recommend someone else to work with you if I know anyone).

Additional services

Transcription (audio or video to text)

Feeling overwhelmed just thinking about transcribing that lengthy dialogue for your work or project? Leave it up to me!

Bibliographic references collection

Starting your project or dissertation, but don't have time or patience to research the references? It would be a pleasure to help you.

Questionnaire preparation

Preparing a good questionnaire for an interview makes a huge difference in what comes next. But this doesn't need to be an additional worry.

Plagiarism check

Sometimes, we reproduce existing content even unintentionally — either by absorbing the text, or completely randomly. Shall we check?

Resume preparation

First impressions don’t always stick. But often, they open doors for what’s next. Impress at first sight!

Essay review and feedback for Enem

Training for the Enem essay? I can help you polish your writing, with corrections and detailed comments that combine my revision criteria with the competencies examiners are paying attention to.

Online forms creation

Google Forms and similar tools are pretty simple to use. But it’s also easy to end up with something that’s all over the place or has setup issues. I'm here to make your form spot-on.

Simple design

Guess who made my website, my logo, and everything else? It’s not my main focus, but I also enjoy doing simple design jobs!

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